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Baker Hughes Transforms Employee Training with Efficiency and Collaboration through Xyleme


“The real ROI of Xyleme has a lot to do with being able to position ourselves as a partner to the business.”

— Jennifer Wolf-Rogers, Global Content Development Manager

Learning Content Management = Savings Of $1.2M per year or ROI of 240%


The Situation: Too Much Content, Too Many Places, Too Much at Stake

As an international oil and gas service company built through multiple acquisitions, the Baker Hughes learning team was faced with the impending skills gap crisis known as the “The Great Crew Change,” as well as grappling with a number of disparate learning systems and legacy content. In an industry where employee competency and moment-of-need training can make the difference between success and failure, it became imperative that the organization centralize their content, align their efforts perfectly to the business, and deliver learning as efficiently as possible.


The Solution: Transform Enterprise Content Management to Drive People and Business Performance

The Baker Hughes learning strategy is based on behavioral changes and the learning team’s ability to measure those changes and communicate the metrics to the rest of the organization. Baker Hughes had a huge library already and a need for a sustainable content strategy. Together, Xyleme and Baker Hughes determined that to manage their extensive learning library in 10 languages, they would need to clean up and centralize their existing content while building new scalable, measurable and reusable content.


The Xyleme technology has allowed Baker Hughes to focus on how to efficiently change behaviors and decrease time to competency. Core tenants of this capability are the “right-sizing” learning framework and empowering their employees with a supportive learning ecosystem throughout their career. Lawrence Chapman, Western Hemisphere Education Center Manager, notes, “Getting prepared and ready to run a job used to take probably more than a year. Thanks to the learning teams, one week of PowerPoint slides is now a multi-week hands-on experiential learning event, which is vastly different and far more valuable to our employees.”


Today, their team of 50+ content developers are authoring and designing for reuse, tagging content for learning objectives and fully leveraging the multi-channel publishing capabilities of Xyleme. The efficiencies gained have paid for the Xyleme solution many times over.

The Future: Embedded Learning and Continuous Analytics

The next big milestone for Baker Hughes is embedded learning, where learning becomes part of the daily workflow. Additionally, learning managers want to see more data and direct correlations in terms of how their top performers execute tasks so that they can use that knowledge to drive improved training. Both of these goals would further reduce time to performance, keeping the workforce up to standards at the speed the business demands.

“When the regulations changed last year, we quickly located [content] everywhere that needed to be updated. That alone saved us hundreds of hours of work and gave us the confidence that we didn’t miss anything.”
Ann Gambaro
Director of Education Content Development | MBA Education | Mortgage Bankers Association


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